How are you hanging yours?

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How are you hanging yours

Betcha you remember this…..years ago, you would go into a house and all the pictures would be right up at the top of the walls. You would have to almost break your neck to see what was up there.

too high on the wall
Too high on the wall

There is a much more simple way to do it. The general rule of thumb, is to hang your art at eye level. That is, the centre of your picture/art should be at the height of MOST people’s eyes. Now, if you’re eight feet tall or three feet tall, you have to take that with a grain of salt. Maybe hang your pictures at the average height of most people you know.

Hang your art at eye level
Eye level

Further to that, keep in mind what most people will be doing in that room. IE; if its the dining room , most of the time people will be seated…so, yep, you guessed it, you should hang your pictures down lower to accommodate for the seated position. In the hallway, people will usually be walking though, so you hang things a bit higher.

Hang your art lower in a seated area
seated level

Long story short, you want your family and guests to be able to comfortably enjoy what you’ve placed on your walls. You’ve chosen your decor so you and others can enjoy it; Maximize that by making it easy for them- hang it in the right place.

Chelsey’s view on a vaulted ceiling

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That's it for this time...
That’s it for this time…

What are some other great decor tips? How are yours hung?

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