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Commissions and Portraits

With this Ring…Picture, sketch and final painting

05/05/10..On a secluded Jamaican beach, we spoke the words ‘With this ring…’. One single solitary wave of Caribbean Ocean washed over our feet, and we sealed the deal with a kiss.

This on hangs on our wall in our private collection. What do you think?

Do I take commissions? Will I paint your picture?

I don’t really do commissions anymore. Art for me has to be something that I feel and can get my heart and soul into. That being said, if your picture is something that can be commercially viable for me, me painting your picture may just be something we can talk about.

The deets are this-

Reproduction rights

It’s YOUR picture, but it’s MY artwork. All rights to reproduction (copies) remain with the artist,  and is protected under Canadian copyright law – unless you want to pay for ‘rights’ which is expensive. This is normal in the art world, whether your buying a pattern, a song, a book or  a piece of art.

If  you want any copies of your commission/original, or if you want to make any alterations at all to your original, l you must go through the artist.*

You are buying ‘one of’ and all the rest and the rights to those are the intellectual property of the artist.


In the case of commissioned art, you are paying for a lone original artwork that was created by the artist, based on your submitted photo.You are buying an original piece of work and pricing will be reflected by that and not that of a reproduction.

You can use my website to determine standard pricing for originals. Pricing is determining by the size of the piece as well as the complexity of the subject.

Examples of past commissioned work

Following are some of the commissioned and personalized pieces that I have completed in the past. Each piece has its own style and that style is decided at the integrity of the artist.

Echoes of the Past – Tellin’ Tall Tales on the Squid Jigging Grounds.

Jackie’s Nan’s House

Browne’s stage – Bar Haven, Placentia Bay.

I remember the day the gentleman brought me a faded black and white picture and  asked me if I could help. The picture  had bad lighting….it was almost black in some places and faded in others. He describing the colours and some of the missing (faded) scene to me, asked me to do what i could with it. Twas to be a gift for his daughter.

Miss Amelia

I traditionally spend January to April working on me and playing with my art ‘toys’, catching up on my reading, learning…. creating and evolving. Some of the things I work on remain private and unseen, while others make it out in the world.
This is one such painting, it’s started out in a study of trying to capture that perfect little face….and ended up being such a warm and happy memory for me.
“Mommy, is that us?”
Meet Miss Amelia. She’s a personal hero of mine.

K & A

The Andrews Family home- Forged in Memories

Perry’s Spot

Other commissions…

You can inbox me HERE to inquire about commissions.

*Failure to do so would be in violation of Canadian copyright law and could result in litigation