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Contact Us

There are soooooo many ways to reach me/us!

You can email me right HERE

The email will come right to me and I will answer as soon as possible. This is my preferred contact point as it allows me to contact you as soon as I’m free. Then you get my full attention.

You can send me a message through social media. My links are at the bottom of every page here on the website. I cruise FB as my main go-to, so that should be your first choice. I’m not on Insta or Twitter often, so if you send me a message there, I may not see it as soon as you would like.

You can reach me by phone. Text works best. I also do Keto coaching in my other brand and if I’m coaching or with a client, I can’t answer. Most times I see the call coming in, but I can’t respond because I am in a scheduled meeting. My message manager is a royal pain in the bum and most times it tells me there is a message but will NOT give it to me. The number is 709-690-0260 PS- remember, text works best 😉