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Welcome to anyone who’s found me already!  As you can see, we’re still getting up and running. Acrylic paints are flying across the Canvas, completed works are are being scanned, digital prints are being processed at the press, new paintings are in the works and we will be fully operational very shortly.

You can expect to see lots of exciting and new works of art, in many new formats. Formats that you are going to want to take with you, into your very own home. Prints and cards that you’re going to want to give to Aunt Sally, or Uncle Jim, because it  will remind them of their old homestead. Or maybe one to send to your cousin away, who doesn’t get home as often as she would like.

Bear with me, check back often, once I’m fully up and running, I’ll keep changing things up, so there’s always something different to discover. Until then, I wish you a warm welcome!  Make sure you fill in the subscribe field at he bottom of the page, Ill notify you whenever we upload any new content., so you can easily find me next time. Stay tuned.

Bye til next time…..B

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