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This is my depiction of British Harbour a community that was abandoned in the 60’s as part of the Resettlement Program of the NL Government.
This painting/image is a tip of the hat to our friends across the pond, British, Irish and Scottish alike, (British community name, Scottish title and green Irish fields) but we’re laying full blame on one of our favourite books (and TV series) Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Any fans of the show will know that Jamie, a Scotsman is married to a Sassanach (Usually used as a slur meaning Englishman, but in this case its his term of endearment for her) named Claire. Jamie sometimes calls Claire ‘Crabbit’, when she is in a foul, or cranky mood.
The term Crabbit is most often used to describe a crabby or crotchety person but our Scottish friends assure it it can also be used to describe something that is slanted or askew, as seen in the house in this image.
This old house is now a beautifully restored nineteenth-century house that was saved from destruction a few years ago when it was lying precariously at a thirty degree angle, ready to topple. They righted the house and rebuilt the foundation, and now it stands proud as a reminder of the history of a town that is now forgotten by all but a few. Inside of the house are many old photographs and a few relics that have survived the years. (see the restored building in the last gallery picture)
British Harbour is still accessible as part of the Bonavista Peninsula’s Discovery Trail system. The British Harbour trail begins at the town of New Bonaventure and passes by the film set of “Random Passage” (see our painted version of this site HERE) a popular television series that depicted life in Newfoundland in the early nineteenth century.
Wanna hike the trail to British Harbour yourself? Find Trail info HERE

Available in:

Unframed Paper Original (24×18) -$1896
Canvas Reproduction (48×36) – $694
Canvas Reproduction (32×24) – $492
Canvas Reproduction (24×18) – $391
Canvas Reproduction (16×12) – $213
Canvas Reproduction (10×8) – $76
Paper Reproduction (16×12) – $125
Paper Reproduction (matted to fit an 8×10 frame) – $32
Porcelain ornament – $20
Hardboard/cork gloss coaster – $11 each / $44 for set of 4
Note card (4×6) – $4.00 each / $19 for set of 5

Custom/additional sizes available on request. Email us for more information HERE.

A paper reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on high quality paper. This medium is ready for framing, lamination, or mounting.

A canvas reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on canvas, and then stretched onto a wooden frame. In this format, no framing is required — as it is, it is ready to hang on your wall.

The porcelain ornaments measure 2.75″ in diameter. Image is fused into the porcelain with a white back perfect for personalization. Product is individually boxed with a velvet pouch for storage.

Hardboard cork-backed high-gloss coasters measure 3.75″ square. These coasters are highly durable and washable. Perfect for resting a glass of Lambs on. Available individually or in a set of 4.

Note cards measure 4×6″ and are high quality reproductions of your favourite Bobbi Pike Art images. Cards are blank inside and come with an envelope for mailing. Available individually or in a set of 5.

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