Simple Framing Tip

Framing a work of art sometimes is nearly as costly as the art work itself. It is important that you do it properly to make your piece of art look the best it can be. The frame and mat can either make or break a piece of art, so take your artwork to a professional framer instead of trying to frame it yourself. These folks do this for a living and most of them have seen many different types of art, and know what works well, and what doesn’t.

Rocky Aisle to Town looks great with black on black

THE most important tip to keep in mind, is DON’T frame the art to match a room in your house. Instead choose picture frames and mats that will enhance the work of art itself. The added bonus with this, is if you move, redecorate, or decide to hang the piece in another location, it will always look appropriate.

Avoid framing that overwhelms the artwork. Frames should enhance a work of art, as well as to protect it from dirt, dust and handling…..while maintaining a controlled setting essential for the life of the piece.

Through the looking glass, looking like a STAR!!

Remember: the art work is the star and the matting & framing are just there to make the star look great!.

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Do you have any framing tips or tricks that you can share?

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