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Our cars and trucks were always called Ole Betsy. Whether we were driving a truck or a hatchback or sedan, they always had the very same name. It was as if Ole Betsy herself was another family member that just happened to take different forms, colours, and make/models through the years. She was our old reliable…

We lived at the top of a huge hill that was brutal to climb in the middle of a snow storm. Dad would back Ole Betsy up as far as he could go to make a run for it. As he accelerated, us youngsters would cheer on his (and the trucks) efforts as they attempted to maneuver to the top of that hill. In our young minds we thought that we could get Betsy to the top of the hill with enthusiasm and sheer will power…

“Go Betsy!! You can do it!”

Ole Betsy and Dad didn’t let us down on many nights, they always managed to get us home. In reality we could have walked home 90% of the time, but that’s not what I remembered.  My recollection is of good times; family camaraderie, us kids hooting and hollering and happy memories. That’s my memory at least…which makes it the one that counts at the end of the day.

Here’s hoping that this Ole Betsy helps you feel all sort of warm and fuzzies, and inspires YOU to take a trip down memory lane.

 Acrylic Inks on Canvas

Available in:

  •  Original Canvas (36×36) – $2499
  • Canvas Reproduction (18×54 X3***) $849
  • Canvas Reproduction (24×48 x2) 529 **Diptych
  • Canvas Reproduction (36×36) – $419
  • Canvas Reproduction (24×24) – $279
  • Canvas Reproduction (18×18) – $214
  • Canvas Reproduction (12×12) – $149
  • Paper Print (24×24) – $179
  • Paper Print (14×14) – $99
  • Matted Paper Print (to fit an 8×10 frame) – $25
  • Porcelain ornament – $16
  • Hardboard/cork gloss coaster – $7 each / $25 for set of 4
  • Note card (4×6) – $3.50 each / $15 for set of 4

*** Triptych – 3 panels wide (each 18×54)

Additional sizes available on request.

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A paper reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on high quality paper. This medium is ready for framing, lamination, or mounting.

A canvas reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on canvas, and then stretched onto a wooden frame. In this format, no framing is required — as it is, it is ready to hang on your wall.

The porcelain ornaments measure 2.75″ in diameter. Image is fused into the porcelain with a white back perfect for personalization. Product is individually boxed with a velvet pouch for storage.

Hardboard cork-backed high-gloss coasters measure 3.75″ square. These coasters are highly durable and washable. Perfect for resting a glass of Lambs on. Available individually or in a set of 4.

Note cards measure 4×6″ and are high quality reproductions of your favourite Bobbi Pike Art images. Cards are blank inside and come with an envelope for mailing. Available individually or in a set of 5.

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