Rock Cod


When you come to Newfoundland and go into a restaurant and order fish, it will always be Cod, unless specified other wise.

This image started out as just a black and white sketch, but I kept seeing the different elements that, to me are Newfoundland. for me, the title Rock Cod,  ays tribute to the fish but also our Island Home, but also marks as a reminder for a sweet older couple I spent some time with years ago.

We were taking part in the recreational fishery and one of them hauled up a small cod fish. The conversation that ensued was hilarious and was ohhh so them.

The entire dialogue was-

“Tis a rock cod” and then the response…

“Tisn’t a rock cod!!”

was repeated over and over with increased exaggeration, emphasis and fervor that tickled my funny bone and has stuck with me as a happy memory for years.

The Rock cod is a smaller version of the beloved Codfish. This one is a playful version that shows off some of the wonderful things Newfoundland is known for; The puffin, jellybean houses, ice bergs, lighthouse, tuckamores, pitcher plant, the NL flag and of course my three crows.

Available in:

  • Original Paper (24×12) – $899
  • Canvas Reproduction (36×18) – $289
  • Canvas Reproduction (24×12) – $199
  • Canvas Reproduction (16×8) – $149
  • Canvas Reproduction (12×6) – $99
  • Paper Reproduction (24×12) – $119
  • Paper Reproduction (12×6) – $69
  • Paper Reproduction (matted to fit an 8×10 frame) – $25
  • Porcelain ornament – $16
  • Hardboard/cork gloss coaster – $7 each / $25 for set of 4
  • Note card (4×6) – $3.50 each / $15 for set of 5

Custom/additional sizes available on request. Email us for more information HERE.


A paper reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on high quality paper. This medium is ready for framing, lamination, or mounting.

A canvas reproduction is a digital copy of the original painting reproduced on canvas, and then stretched onto a wooden frame. In this format, no framing is required — as it is, it is ready to hang on your wall.

The porcelain ornaments measure 2.75″ in diameter. Image is fused into the porcelain with a white back perfect for personalization. Product is individually boxed with a velvet pouch for storage.

Hardboard cork-backed high-gloss coasters measure 3.75″ square. These coasters are highly durable and washable. Perfect for resting a glass of Lambs on. Available individually or in a set of 4.

Note cards measure 4×6″ and are high quality reproductions of your favourite Bobbi Pike Art images. Cards are blank inside and come with an envelope for mailing. Available individually or in a set of 5.

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