Commissions- Turning your picture into ‘our’ painting

Commissioning a piece of artwork from an artist can be exciting but possibly a little many questions..  Here I have outlined my process so you have an idea what to expect.

1st stepContact Me.  This one is easy.  You can send me a message through Facebook, Linked In, Twitter….  Or, you can  e-mail me
2nd step.  Describe as specifically as you can what you want me to create.  Be prepared for these questions:     Framed or unframed?  What size painting do you want?  What subject do you want in your painting?  What colors do you want in your painting?   Are you looking to stay in a certain price range/budget?
3rd step.  What is your deadline?  The specific details and timing of the commission will determine the length of time required to complete your painting.  A smaller painting may take a week or so; a 24″ x 24″  may take four to six weeks.
4th step.  PricingGenerally speaking, I do not charge more for a commissioned piece than I do for one of my regular original paintings.  (Paintings with more detail,  will cost more.)  By looking at my other originals in a size and medium similar to what you want, you will have an idea about how much your commission will cost.
5th step.  Contract.   Once we negotiate the terms/details of your commission, I will e-mail you a contract outlining all that we have discussed for your approval.  Once you accept this contract…
6th step.  Down payment.  I  require a 50% down payment.  After I receive your down payment, I will book you into my commission schedule.  You have a grace period up to the date I have booked to begin your commission to cancel to receive a full refund of your down payment.  After this period / once I have started your commission, the down-payment is non-refundable.
7th stepPayment  I accept payments via PayPal, etransfer, MC, Visa or Amex or old fashioned cash..
**  Do you accept returns on commissions?  No, I do not accept returns on commissioned paintings.  This is a painting for you, commissioned by you, and the subject matter may only be of interest TO you. This is your painting. **
You are commissioning an original work of art and not a reproduction. This is a one of a kind, only yours for keepsies painting. There may be other family members who would possibly want a copy of this painting, please advise me on how many copies are needed. The more there are, the cheaper I can produce copies for them.  I reserve all rights to reproductions of this image and I may reproduce copies for my own  purposes of retail sale.
As a future member of my art family you are very involved in the commissioning process.  I usually will send you a copy of the initial sketch, for your approval. Also, once I begin to apply colour, there will be another picture update, just to make sure we’re on the same page. In this way, you can be confident that you know what you will be paying for.  There will be three crows in your commissioned painting. They are my signature and trademark. They can either be hidden, incorporated into the picture, or boldly flying in the sky. Also, please be aware I am known for my use of colour, so, even if you commission a black and white piece, there will be colour incorporated somewhere.

Hopefully this helps to shed some light  into my commissioning process.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate.   Check out a few of my commissioned pieces on this page 🙂 Enjoy!


Father in a Boat – Tellin’ Tall Tales on The Squid Jiggin’ Ground

Original photo:

father in boat (2)


Father in boat (sketch)

Final result:

Echoes of the Past - Tellin' Tall Tales on the Squid Jigging Grounds. (Small)


Nan’s Place:

Original photo:


Final Result:

Jackie's final


The Andrews’ Home – Forged In Memories:

Original Photo:



Forged sketch

Final Result:


Final (Medium)










One Love:

Original Photo:

GARFIELD22 (Small)


With this ring.....sketch (Small)

Final Result:

With this ring.... (2)


On da Fence


On da Fence (Small)


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