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'We' doing our thing

The Burl 2015

Anybody who’s been to an event where BPA is set up, will have found out that, although it is called Bobbi Pike Art, this whole art venture is really a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’. Where I go, he goes and vice versa. I have so many people ask me about the story of ‘we’; that is, the story of how Geoff and I met, so I figured I should share it here. Sit back and relax, cause this one is a goodie. I’m about to share how my fairy tale came true.

I grew up with two older brothers, Martin and Jamie. I was the baby and the only girl, so I was the odd man out. We grew up in a close knit community that was full of other kids. It was easy to find another boy or girl of our own age to play with. My bestest childhood friend was Edwina, Neen as I called her. But this story isn’t about her, I’ll share all about Neen later. This story is about the kid who used to hang out with my two older brothers. This is Geoff’s story.

Jamie was two and a half years older than me and Martin was two years older than that. Geoff was the kid who fit right in the middle of them both, age wise. He lived the next street down, he went to the same church and school as my brothers (and I). More often than not, when my family went on excursions, Geoff was the tag along kid that came too, the third brother who pulled my hair and thought of me as the pain in the butt kid sister.

Geoff (getting his scarf) and my brother Jamie (next to G), as boy scouts


Little me

old pic006 (Large)

Little He

IMG_0010 (Large)

He jokes (now) that the first time he saw me, he was playing dinkies with my brothers and I was the squalling baby in the playpen. He was probably one of the culprits that in a quiet moment, when my brothers skinned off all the hair on my head with children’s school scissors and threw it down in the furnace ducts. I don’t remember when it happened, but I do recall my Mom telling stories about how she called HER parents all upset, because the boys had cut off my HAIR…only to have Pop (her Dad) come racing up from the next street down, ready to bring his bleeding granddaughter to the hospital, because the horrid boys had cut the child’s EAR off.

Born rebel


Geoff stayed good friends with my two brothers and when he finished high school he moved to the St. John’s, with his family. I didn’t really think about him or his family a lot after that date. As I’m sure you know, children are selfish little buggers and rarely think of anyone outside of their own bubble for long. End of story.

Fast forward many years, to the time when the internet had exploded into the lives of most and Facebook was just becoming a big thing. At the time, I was going through a rough break up and honestly didn’t know if I was coming or going. One of my co workers sent me an invite…and I had to ask her what FB was all about. She explained how it all worked and I signed up, albeit rather tentatively. I’d give it a go.

My Profile pic way back then


...and his at the same time


One of the first people I stumbled upon in FB land was an old family friend, Geoff Pike. I had a look at his profile, good looking guy, living in Ottawa, one daughter…I was about to hit the request friend button, but I held back. I’m sure he would remember me, but he wouldn’t want ME as his friend, right?!?! I kept on clicking past him and forgot about Mr. Pike, one more time.

A week or two later, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new friend request …the same guy who I had been too bashful to connect with myself, was asking to connect with me. I quickly accepted and the conversation began.

“Long time no see, how are things with you?”

See what I has to put up with 😉


“Good, but not so good..I’m just going through a break up. It’s kind of rough I thought he was the one :(“

“Really???? me too!!” he replied.

…and with that, we clicked. We began to compare stories and found we had a LOT that we could relate to in each other, and we began to connect over the internet. I honestly didn’t think anything of it at first. I had built a fortress around my heart and had decided I was meant to spend the rest of my days alone. I was finished with men and relationships.

Icicles around my heart


Us during an Ottawa visit


He asked me to come up to visit. I went along and still didn’t think a lot about it. No big deal, just an adventure. Then came another visit and one more after that. I realized I was getting dragged in; Hook, line and sinker…but I had promised myself that I was done. No more heartbreak, no more drama, no more men. I was better off alone. On my last visit to Ottawa, I had my mind made up. His life was on the mainland, mine was in NL….it just wouldn’t work. I had to break it off

The night before my flight home, I broke the news. I cried my heart out, but I knew it was best for me. I got on that plane and left him behind. I was in control this time. I wasn’t going to let anyone into my heart anymore. I was better off alone. I cried all the way to Toronto, where I called my Mom and Dad. They listened to me on the phone that night, more blubbering than talking. Ever supportive, they told me to come on home where I belonged. It was done.


I wallowed through the next couple of weeks. My son at the time was about eleven, so he took up most of my time and energy….. but every night as he went to bed, the loneliness would set in again. Had I made the right decision?? YES. I was better off alone, right?? YES. This was my mantra, every night I would go through it again and again. I almost had myself convinced.

Me and my boy


After two weeks of misery, the phone rang. I recognized the number and knew it was HIM…I watched the phone ring and ring…I knew exactly how many rings it would take before the answering machine cut in….. On the last ring I grabbed it, and stayed silent. I didn’t know what to say. I was afraid to speak…I was afraid not to. I heard it then….the decision maker, and it said it all.

Finding adventure together

Some fun - Bahamas


“I’m coming home”


The last stumbling block to my saying YES to getting married was no stress, no ties and no shoes. He swept me away to Jamaica and we said ‘I do’. I’ve had my wedding ring on my finger for a five years now and I honestly can’t imagine a day without him. We’re closer than I thought was ever obtainable for two people and he is my best friend. We’ve been through highs and an ever so small amount of lows, as most couples do..but I finally feel like I know where I belong. I feel like I’ve found happily ever after.

I do, I do, I do


That’s it for this time, if you have any questions, or comments, I’d love to hear them. If you’re really enjoying the BPA blogging adventures and don’t want to miss out, click ‘follow me’ and your name/email will be added to our growing list of blog subscribers. We’ll email you when a new blog post happens, then you can read them all at your own leisure…..and remember, I’m no expert, I’m just a painter gal with some thoughts to share.

Happily ever after


What would be your perfect fairy tale?

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