Imagine your surprise…..

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imagine your surprise

You open your eyes tomorrow morning, grab a coffee and settle yourself down at your breakfast table. You begin to say good morning, but are absolutely gobsmacked when your words tumble out of your mouth in Japanese instead of English….

THAT’s how drastic the change was in me, that’s how quickly I realized I had a hidden talent. One day I’m priding myself on my lack of ability to make a decent stick man and what seems like the next, I’m up to my ears in business cards, websites, business organizations and lots and lots of paint.

Flash back to the beginning, when I made a huge leap into the unknown, I had left my full times sales job and decided I was going back to school.

From my sales days at Terra Nova Motors
Sales days at Terra Nova Motors

As much as I loved interacting with customers in my sales job, I knew it was time to strike out on my own – it was time to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up. Massage therapy was the answer. I’d take a course and go into business on my own. Just me; no bosses to deal with, I could make my own schedule and I’d have it made. The plan was set.

Working on the garden in our new home.
Working on the garden in our new home.

In the meantime…at home, we were up to our ears in decorating our newly purchased home. Our lovely new home came with a million things that needed to be purchased. This doesn’t fit, this doesn’t match, and I want a new one of these, all started to add up. At the very last room, I decided that enough was enough; I had spent my last dime. The walls were painted and there we were…me and hubby, at a stalemate.

” This doesn’t fit anymore’, he says

” We need a new one” he says..each time my answer was nope..I’ve had enough. Not one more dollar.

I knew I had to take matters into my own hands, I decided to paint the old stuff, so it would match in the newly painted room. Tissue box, tooth brush holder, you name it..I painted it. The last thing to get the brush were two canvasses bought at a big box chain years ago. It wouldn’t hurt to try right? Hubby laughed, my son laughed, even my father laughed….because I was going to paint a picture.

'First Flight' my very first
‘First Flight’ my very first

Fast forward again..the paintings are finished. Its early morning, coffee is in hand. Jeez, I’m grumpy. Man oh man, I’m having a rough morning. Whatever can be wrong with me?? Then the light bulb flashed and almost blinded me – I missed that paint brush in my hands.

Up to my ears
Up to my ears

After a quick trip for some real supplies and a year and a half later. Here I sit, with the steam roller that is my new art business chugging away full speed ahead. At this point I’m only hanging on for dear life, watching the orders roll in.

Websites are in place, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, are all a part of my life. The business end of this new business of mine has taken on a life of its own and here I sit…in awe of what has happened.

“No, I didn’t take any classes” I say.

“No, I didn’t doodle or draw when I was a kid” I say.

My happy place - my perch
My happy place – my perch

Finally, after all the orders are packaged up and emails and phone calls have been returned, I slowly sip my glass of wine and head to my easel. Just a half an hour to paint…to ease the stresses of the day. I sit and as the brush strokes the canvas, all my worries melt away.

It took me 45 years to find my fairytale..and reach that place where I live happily ever after.

Happily ever after
Happily ever after

Passion is out there, dreams do come true, and why bother to think outside that box, when you can throw the box away altogether and create a whole new world.

Just like I did.

A dream come true
A dream come true

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That's it for this time...
That’s it for this time…

If you could have any hidden talent, what would it be? Do you paint? Did you enjoy this blog post?

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